Optimizing Important Links

Today is an idle day and actually, I got nothing to do now but to optimize more and more links everyday in order for me to rank better in SERPS. Recently, I joined a contest sponsored by Claremont Design and the aim of this contest is to be on the top 3 ranking with the keyword, Tnomeralc Web Design Toys. At first, it started on the 2nd page then eventually fell on the 3rd page and now on the 4th page. I really need to do something with this for me to catch up.

Meanwhile, the blog which is named Informixx is now having an extension which focuses on TV episodes and the latest news flashing on the TV screens. This extension is just a subdomain which is named Informixx TV Guide. This blog aims to post the airing dates and overviews of the latest TV episodes. Another extension made by me is the MMO Pinoy coming from my main blog. This is another SEO blog which aims to earn profit for the blogger.